Track Descriptions

Track names are below. Descriptions will be available soon.

Societal Impact of IS & the future of work

IS for a green and sustainable world

Cyber-security, privacy, and ethics of IS

Practice-Oriented Demand-driven IS

Sharing Economy and Crowd Markets

Human-Computer/Robot Interaction

Conference Track: Bridging the Internet of People, Data, and Things

Design Science

IS Development and Project Management

IT implementation, Adoption, and Use

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new business models

Economics and IS

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Transformation

Social Media and Digital Collaboration

IS in Healthcare

E-Business and E-Government

IS Curriculum and Education

Governance, Strategy, and Value of IS

Service Science

General IS Topics

IS Research Methods, Theorizing, and Philosophy

Human Behavior and IS

Data Science and predictive analytics

Business, data, and process modeling