Call for papers

The International Conference in Information Systems (ICIS) will take place in San Francisco, CA, USA, the hub of some of the most influential ideas and systems that have shaped the global IS debate and development. Join us and contribute to a contemporary, research-led exploration and discussion of the current and emerging state of Information Systems.

We invite submissions in all areas of IS research covering six defined themes, each consisting of four tracks. In particular, we encourage submissions related to the conference theme “Bridging the Internet of People, Data, and Things”, i.e. the global, hyper-connected space where people, increasingly empowered devices and data create new ecosystems and interactions.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for academics and practitioners to identify and explore the issues, opportunities, and solutions that promote IT convergence and find new business and societal value from information systems.

Research tracks can be found here.

Completed research papers are full-length papers documenting the results of finished research projects. Accepted completed research papers will be presented at ICIS 2018, and published in the conference proceedings.

Short paper submissions are meant to provide an opportunity to showcase emerging research and initial outcomes. Short papers build on promising but incomplete research projects that will benefit from the feedback of ICIS participants. Accepted short papers will be presented in a slam session, followed by a poster session at ICIS 2018. They are published in the conference proceedings.

Panel proposals should be submitted to the Panels track.

Teaching cases should be submitted to the IS Curriculum and Education track.

Submissions to ICIS 2018 must be original; they cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.

Important dates:

Submission deadline: 2 May 2018 (11.59pm SFO time)

Notification of submission decision: 30 July 2018

Notification of final paper accepted: 5 September 2018

Journal Publication

The AIS Policy on Conference and Journal Publication encourages conference papers to be published in journals. This policy applies to AIS conferences (there are no copyright issues to prevent your AIS conference paper from being published in any journal (AIS or not)), and to AIS journals (there are no restrictions preventing you from submitting your conference paper to an AIS journal). Many non-AIS journals have similar policies, so you can submit your AIS conference paper to them. The policy and list of non-AIS journals with similar policies, is available at the Policy page.

Check back often for information on submitting your papers.